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4. Practical Information A registration form can be found on our website under “Outils/Telechargement” Completed forms should be returned to the IFBL eit her via fax (00352 465019) or by scan to our email address: Dates and prices M1 Hedge Funds 27.04.2015 12.10.2015 8 hours €195 M2 Hedge Funds Accounting & Custody 25 & 2015 12 hours €385 M2 Funds of Hedge Funds Accounting & Custody 02.12.2015 8 hours €255 (All prices +3% VAT) Examinations Examinations are available for all the modules above and which take place every Tuesday and every last Thursday of each month, ex cept on school holiday weeks in Luxembou rg. The cost of an examination is €40 for M1 modules and €45 for M2 modules. Course schedules For all courses: from 08.30 to 17.30 Training location Centre de Formation IFBL/Chambre de Commerce, 7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg/Kirchberg Enquiries Should you have any further questions about these courses, the IFBL serv ice team is available to you by telephone 00352 465016-1 or via email:

2. Partners IFBL With more than 10.000 registrations per year, the IFBL is one of the leading providers of vocational training courses in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Inst itute for Training in Banking (IFBL) was created in 1991 as the training organ of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association (ABBL, and has the distinctive mission to prepare, create, develop and promote any training mean s, programmes and actions in the interest of the financial c entre of Luxembourg. ALFI The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) is a non profit making association that is the representative body of the Luxembo urg investment fund community. Created in 1988, ALFI is a member of European Fund and Asset Management Associat ion (EFAMA) and International Investment Fund Association (IIFA) has as its mission to “lead indust ry efforts to make Luxembourg the most attractive international centre for investment funds”. ALFI ha s as its objective to help its members capitalise on industry trends, shape regulation, encourage prof essionalism, integrity and quality and to promote the Luxembourg investment fund industry. Trainers A team of expert trainers in the field of hedge fund s are responsible for the delivery of the material covered by these modules. Trainers for all modules have been proposed by ALFI to teach on behalf of IFBL. The trainers have been selected on the basis of their recognized expertise and strong practical industry experience consid ered essential in order to facilitate inte ractive responses within the sessions. M1 Hedge Funds Fundamentals of Hedge Funds (8 hrs) Definitions and basic concepts • History and definitions : origin, concept, structure & legal framework • An asset class in its own right • Impact of hedge funds on the financial markets • Advantages and disadvantages Main hedge fund strategies • Convertible arbitrage, merger arbitrage, event driven, distressed securities, equity market neutral, equity long short, fixed-income arbitrage, global macro, managed futures Risk and performance measures for hedge funds Basic concepts: risk, return, vo latility and Net Asset Value Risk: 5 technical risk ratios and their shortcomings Value at risk Benchmarking hedge funds Case studies

1. ALFI / IFBL Training in Hedge Funds Fundamentals, Accounting & Custody Unique training opportunities in Hedge Funds from the IFBL and ALFI! These training modules, taught in English language are unique in Luxembourg and are the fruit of a close partnership between the IFBL the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry, ALFI and some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts. In this series. the “M1 Hedge Funds” module prov ides a fundamental theoretical basis and common language for understanding hedge funds. Two sister M2 modules for both hedge funds and funds of hedge funds then go beyond this to provide an applied understanding of operational specifics, accounting and essential IFRS aspects. These courses can be complemented through other modules from the rich IFBL / ALFI investment fund training offer such as “Understanding AIFMD”, M1 UCIs Key Insights into IFRS, other modules selected from the full investment fund offer at the IFBL an d those that explain in more detail the underlying financial instruments. ... Targeting those who are directly involved in the day to day work • Hedge fund service providers • Fund accountants and back office agents • Operations & client service staff and managers • Hedge fund custody professionals • Other fund industry professionals (e.g. in management companies) interested in gaining a deeper knowledge in the specifics of hedge funds, accounting and custody. With some excellent participant feedback: “The trainer was wonderful and kept the audi ence interaction during the full course” “Excellent course, very interesting, informative and delivered clearly”. Good pace, practical approach. It was a pleasure to have been a part of the class”

3. M2 Hedge Funds Accounting and Custody Understanding Accounting and Custody of Hedge Funds (12 hrs) This M2 module provides an applied perspectiv e and understanding of the following topics: Investor issues • Side pockets • Gates • Performance fee equalisation Trade processing • Prime brokers • Financing & leveraging • Collateral Valuation & accounting Valuation of instruments Key regulatory issues • IFRS (relevant essentials only) • Alternative UCITS M2 Funds of Hedge Funds Accounting and Custody Understanding Accounting and Custody of Funds of Hedge Funds (8 hrs) This M2 module provides an applied perspect ive and understanding of the following topics: Investor issues • Side pockets • Gates • Performance fee equalisation Trade processing • Target Fund TA (Account opening; reconciliations) • Custody & Settlement • Equalisation factor s of target funds Valuation & accounting • Equalisation factor s of target funds • NAV estimates • Fair valuation Key regulatory issues • IFRS (relevant essentials only)


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