7 Golden Rules of VISION ZERO for the Leaders - Safety Leadership Engagement

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Cofinancing Association d'assurance accident (AAA)

This training course is co-financed up to 75€ by the Association d'assurance accident (AAA). For every company having a CCSS (Centre commun de la sécurité sociale) number - please choose the "AAA-Member Price" in the "Pack" when you register.


During this training course, you will learn more on:

  • national strategy of VISION ZERO Luxemburg (introduction)

  • your impact as a leader on the safety culture; management participation

  • safety which constitutes a fundamental value and promotes safety behaviour; workers participation

  • how to create an excellent safety culture, a sustainable safety culture with continuous improvement to VISION ZERO concept

After the training course, the participant will be able to:

  • Increase his voluntary engagement for national strategy VISION ZERO

  • Understand advantages of VISION ZERO for the companies

  • Share ideas on the way to reach the goals of VISION ZERO

  • Create an action plan to reach the goals of VISION ZERO in the company.

This training course is a part of national strategy of VISION ZERO (www.visionzero.lu). From 2016 to 2022, one of the national goals of VISION ZERO is to reduce by 20% the global frequency rate of work accidents, in all sectors, comparing to 2014 (frequency rate of 5,37%)


As a leader, you have a huge impact on safety culture in your company.

The installation of a reinforced safety culture, focused on a continuous improvement to VISION ZERO, should be a fundamental value of your company.

During this workshop, you will receive information based on 4 principles and 7 golden rules of VISION ZERO. The training tackles the visible leadership with the engagement for safety as well as the significant engagement of the employees, still in a continuous improvement.

During the “Safety Leadership Engagement” workshop, you will have the possibility to discuss with counterparts on the excellent safety culture, on the way to install it and on its advantages.

The motivation of this workshop is to guide and create the companies’ membership to VISION ZERO to improve their culture and their behaviour on safety, thanks to the leadership and the workers’ participation.

Target audience


Training languages

This training course will be delivered in English, but can also be given in French, German or Luxembourgish.


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7 Golden Rules of VISION ZERO for the Leaders - Safety Leadership Engagement

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