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At the end of this comprehensive introductory course, the participant will be able to:

  • understand the structure of the annual accounts (balance sheet and off-balance sheet, profit and loss account) of a bank

  • understand in parallel the differences with the general accounting of a company

  • locate the position of operations

  • understand and account for banking and money transactions (including payment transactions, savings account and term deposit accounts, loans and interbank placements) of a universal bank

  • perform the registration in accounting of banking transactions

  • establish an accounting in multicurrency

  • assimilate the usefulness of linkage accounts (position and countervalue position) and how to deal with them

  • understand what constitutes spot and forward foreign exchange transactions

  • apply the notion of multi-currency accounting to the main banking transactions (including payment in foreign currencies, term deposits,interbank transactions, customer loans, securities transactions)

  • learn to calculate and account for a foreign exchange result

  • establish a first link between LuxGaap accounting and IAS / IFRS accounting

  • locate the necessary sources of legal and accounting information


  • Quick review of the basic concepts of general accounting
  • Structure of a balance sheet of a bank and main banking operations
  • Structure of a statement of income of a bank
  • Definition of Nostro / Loro account concepts
  • Concept of order account and position
  • Accounting scheme of the main basic banking products


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