Analysing Companies and their cash flows - How to avoid bad loans


Many banks are trying to improve the quality of their loan portfolios and are looking for ways to make the credit process as efficient as possible in order to reduce labour costs. The workshop is intended to help futureand current loan providers, investors and credit analysts to do their job efficiently and thoroughly. After finishing the workshop, all participants should be able to: 

  • Systematically determine the operating and financial strength of a specific borrower (a company). Linking operational and financial issues gives a strong analysis and protection against unreliable financials and weak business plans. Finally, the participants will be able to judge level & predictability of future cash flows and to assess a risk rating by hand. 
  • Help the borrower to set reasonable goals in terms of financial condition and growth and using a strategy when a borrower is facing financial difficulties. 
  • Judge and safeguard the bank’s priority of claim to the borrower. 
  • Give clear conclusions and recommendations to credit committees/management.

  • Real-life business cases 
  • Group exercises to apply knowledge and skills into practice 
  • Interactive classroom discussions to exchange experiences 
  • A “Toolbox” that can be used as a reference both in the classroom and at home
Target Public

  • Middle management in charge of credit activities 
  • Credit officers in front, middle and back office, like relationship managers, account managers and analysts 
  • Credit inspectors and auditors
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40 heures
2.375,00 EUR