Anti Money Laundering (AML) for Funds - Implementation (virtual classroom)

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Virtual classroom

In response to the current situation related to the coronavirus COVID-19, the House of Training is delighted to announce that this training is now accessible as a virtual class.

This format, perfectly adapted to any staff member aiming to develop their skills remotely, has various benefits:

  • It allows you to train yourself while avoiding any physical movement

  • Maximum efficiency is guaranteed due to an adaptation of session durations according to this kind of training

  • Regular interaction between the trainer and the learners is assured thanks to modern technology tools

Registration is easy!

If you wish to attend this training, please click on “S'inscrire” and choose “virtual classroom”.

In order to conveniently attend the virtual classroom, kindly review the following recommendations.


After completing this course, participants will be able to understand:
  • The regulatory framework AML and CFT
  • responsibilities
  • The risk-based approach
  • The due diligence process on direct investors, correspondents, third party introducers, etc.


  • Regulatory Framework
    • General overview of the AML/CTF legislation in place, i.e laws versus grand ducal regulation versus CSSF circulars and regulations
    • Other standards to take into consideration: FATF, Wolfsberg
    • The upcoming 4th AML directive in a nutshell
    • The 2006 ALFI guidelines versus the 2013 ones
  • Anti Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing Responsibilities
    • Role, responsibilities and obligations of each actor, (i.e. the management company, the transfer agent, the global distributor and the distributors, the custodian bank)
    • What are the links and interactions between the different actors, who relies upon whom, key questions to ask?
    • Practical examples
  • The Risk Based Approach (RBA)
    • Definition of the RBA principles, reference to FATF and Wolfsberg guidance
    • Key criteria for an efficient RBA
    • What are the benefits?
  • The Due Diligence Process
    • Definition and application
    • A process applicable to the different actors
    • Different types of due diligence linked to different type of risks
    • Risk assessment and ongoing monitoring
  • Direct Investor Due diligence
    • Definition and application
    • Practical examples
  • Correspondent Relationship Due Diligence
    • Definition and application
    • Practical examples
  • Third Party Introducers and Outsourcing
  • Questions and answers


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jeu. 19.11.2020 à 09h00

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Anti Money Laundering (AML) for Funds - Implementation

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ven. 20.11.2020 à 09h00

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Anti Money Laundering (AML) for Funds - Implementation

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