Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation présentielle.

Best Practices Powerpoint - Prepare Your Presentations


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After the training the participant shall be able to:  

  • Boost presentations by mastering the PowerPoint presenter's tools

  • Develop and practice presentation techniques


Preparing your presentation
  • The various elements of a presentation

  • Before you start : Considering the audience and identifying the objectives of the presentation

  • Gathering and summarising material

  • Structuring the presentation

  • The principle of the 3-point explanation

Designing a clear text that has impact
  • Powerful headlines

  • Word choice

  • Syntax

Enhancing the text visually
  • Guiding the eye of the reader

  • Bullet points: interest and precautions

Golden rules for slide design
  • The ideal text proportions

  • Designing slides in a consistent way

  • Overview of visual elements

  • Promoting readability through clever positioning of slide elements

  • Avoid distractors!

  • The power of images

  • Illustrate your points with graphics

  • Good basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Good knowledge of the use of the Windows environment

Target audience

This course is addressed to any Microsoft PowerPoint user willing to work more efficiently and optimise the use of Microsoft Powerpoint on a daily basis.


Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.


By the end of the training, the trainee will receive a statement of participation issued by the House of Training.  

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