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Business Idea Generation - Collective Coaching Programme (Promotion 1) - SEED

Entrepreneuriat & Gestion d'Entreprise



This course is part of the House of Entrepreneurship's SEED programme.

DISCLAIMER: All registrations are subject to a prior application and a free interview with the House of Entrepreneurship team.


Do you have a project idea and want to jump into entrepreneurship? Our collective coaching programme “Business Idea Generation” is designed for you!

For two weeks, you will be accompanied by experienced trainers who have been involved in the entrepreneurship field. You will benefit from tools and content to boost your creativity and reveal your entrepreneurial DNA.

Join our small group of participants to create synergies and share ideas. You will discover innovation techniques to differentiate your business in the market and enhance its added value.

Our entrepreneurial ideation cycle runs with a blended format, including an in-person “kick-off” session and 5 sessions of exchange and collective reflection. You will also have the opportunity to choose a specific topic according to your needs. Finally, we will conclude the cycle with an online debriefing session to review your achievements and help you take action.

So! Are you ready to reveal your entrepreneurial potential and shape a project that fits you? Join our “Business Idea Generation” coaching cycle and bring your vision to life!


This cycle is supported by individual coaching provided by the House of Entrepreneurship, including personalised initial and final assessments of the entrepreneur's situation. The entire programme is free of change, and subject to application.

To access the “Business Idea Generation” collective coaching cycle, the entrepreneur must apply for support through the House of Entrepreneurship:



At the end of the collective coaching cycle, participants will be able to:

  • Position their idea in a target market based on its desirability, feasibility, viability, and profitability

  • Understand the reality of the entrepreneur's life

  • Define and trigger the next steps to follow if the primary feasibility of their project is confirmed

In general, the proposed collective coaching cycle aims to foster the emergence of ideas based on approaches applicable to all types of entrepreneurial projects.


The training is spread over 2 weeks and includes various sessions such as:

Kick off (1.5 hours, in-person session, lunchtime):
  • Programme and speaker presentation

  • Brief introduction to entrepreneurship support services in Luxembourg

  • Roundtable discussion with project owners

  • Question and answer session

Demystifying Entrepreneurship (2 hours, online session, evening):
  • What is an entrepreneur?

  • Impact on personal life

  • Paradigm shift

  • Principles of effectuation

  • Preparing the project in advance, but not too much

  • Sharing your desires and fears

Modelling Your Project - Part 1 (2 hours, online session, evening):
  • Studying the primary viability of the project

  • Structuring and challenging your idea with Viability/Feasibility/Desirability diagram

  • Addressing a real challenge with the “Problem-Solution fit” concept, i.e. understanding the true value of your project

  • Reflecting on project feasibility and profitability 

  • Introduction to preparatory work for the next module

Modelling Your Project - Part 2 (2 hours, in-person session, lunchtime):
  • Presentation and challenge of prepared elements with feedback

  • 1o1 about pitching: How to clearly present your project

  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas (alternative to Lean SC)

Market Research Basics (2 hours, online session, evening):
  • Understanding the purpose of market research

  • Differentiating between qualitative and quantitative studies, including TAM/SAM/SOM

  • Fundamentals of quantitative studies 

  • Being able to define typical customer personas

  • Introduction to Lean philosophy

  • Learning to conduct customer/user questionnaires

Revealing Your Entrepreneur DNA (2 hours, online session, evening):
  • 1 - Joint session:

    • Building self-confidence

    • Finding a balance between professional and personal life

    • Maximizing time management, stress management, and prioritization

  • 2 - Subgroup exchange session :

      • Women Entrepreneurship:

            • Overcoming limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

            • Developing leadership skills: knowing your talents, finding inspiration, etc.

            • Building a network and approaching customers as early as possible

            • Building an online identity, step by step

      • Full-time Entrepreneurship or Side Business:

          • Understanding the consequences and challenges of managing multiple projects in parallel

          • Starting full-time from the beginning and bootstrapping, also known as self-financing

          • Anticipating the financial management of a side business

          • Approaching business growth with a long-term vision

Closing Session (1.5 hours, online session, lunchtime)
  • What have I learned? // Lessons learned

  • Impact on my project

  • Bilateral debriefing and feedback

  • Next steps: homework on upcoming actions to take

Target audience

This programme is for anyone at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, looking to immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial spirit, and wishing to model a viable initial idea with the goal of progressing to a business project. The project should concern the Luxembourg territory.

  • Basic computer skills

  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac) and an internet connection

  • Motivation and commitment to follow up at home

  • Completion of a discovery interview with the House of Entrepreneurship to validate the necessary stage of participation in this training programme.


Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.


At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance issued by the House of Training.

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