Cybersecurity - Fundamentals

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At the end of the session, participants will:

  • get an introduction to cyber security (vocabulary, concepts, challenges, etc.)

  • gain a high-level understanding of the various security risks and threats targeting organisations today

  • understand the link between cyber security and risk management

  • understand what boards of organisations need to ask and consider for adopting or strengthening cyber security in their organisations

  • identify industry standard frameworks and best practices that help an organisation to achieve a robust and mature cyber security posture

The course is presented in cooperation with the ABBL Digital Banking and FinTech Innovation Cluster.


  • An Introduction to cyber security and the related challenges

    • Reviewing common cyber security terms and principles

    • Why is cyber security so difficult?

    • Related privacy issues

    • Keeping track of the latest threats

  • Introduction to cyber security risk management

    • The need for a risk management process

    • Reviewing cyber security frameworks and related management tools

    • Recommendations and description of the use of a risk management process

    • Presentation of key security controls

  • Overview of key concepts for board members and the C-Suite

    • Establishing the proper cyber security governance model and oversight

    • Management and board responsibilities

    • Dealing with cyber security breaches

    • High level approach to define a cyber security strategy

Target audience

This course is suitable for business leaders and IT professionals including, but not limited to:

  • CEO, CRO, CIO, CISO, Business Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, Risk Practitioners and other top management executives

  • Relevant administrators and IT managers: Information Security Managers, IT Risk Management professionals

  • All employees and individuals of an organization with an interest/business relevance for information security or cybersecurity


No exam is available for this training course.


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