Cybersecurity Management (virtual classroom)

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Virtual classroom

In response to the current situation related to the coronavirus COVID-19, the House of Training is delighted to announce that this training is now accessible as a virtual class.

This format, perfectly adapted to any staff member aiming to develop their skills remotely, has various benefits:

  • It allows you to train yourself while avoiding any physical movement

  • Maximum efficiency is guaranteed due to an adaptation of session durations according to this kind of training

  • Regular interaction between the trainer and the learners is assured thanks to modern technology tools

Registration is easy!

If you wish to attend this training, please click on “S'inscrire” and choose “virtual classroom”.

In order to conveniently attend the virtual classroom, kindly review the following recommendations.


At the end of this course, the participants will have an overall view of Cybersecurity and the problems related to this subject, which will allow them to guide their choices and their mission taking into account the risks associated with cyber security.

To this end, by the end of the course they will have

  • covered the various areas of Cyber Security

  • obtained notions of user safety - individual behavior (passwords, email, mobility, social networks) and basic notions of Cyber Security

  • obtained answers to the following questions:

    • What is the purpose of CyberSecurity?

    • How to manage security?

    • What are the security and defense controls?

    • What are the means to respond to security incidents?

  • understood how an attack is performed

  • reviewed the context of regulation 

  • reviewed ethics and standards related to Cyber Security


  • Threats and attacks

    • What are the threats?

    • Understand how an attack occurs

    • Attacker profiles

  • Information security basics

    • What is the purpose of Cyber Security?

    • Basics: Basic triad, notions of risk, threat, vulnerability, impact

    • The return on investment of security

    • Security lines of defense

  • Information security management and governance

    • How to manage security

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • Security controls

    • Security policies

  • Audits and tests

    • Security audits

    • Security testing

    • Pen tests

  • Security incident management

    • How to manage security incidents

    • Security Operation Center (SOC) -Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

    • Crisis management

  • Software security

    • Software development and application security

    • Software security testings, xAST

    • DevOpsSec

  • Cloud and mobile security

    • Cloud security controls – CASB

    • Mobile device security

  • Security awareness

    • User security concepts -individual behavior

    • Methods

Target Audience

IT and Security professionals (Executives and Management Levels), Risk Managers and Officers, Compliance Managers and Officers, Auditors


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