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Data Mining - Business Oriented Methods for Exploring Big Data




By the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

  • define the concept of Data Mining

  • know the different fields of application within Data Mining

  • name the main stages of a Data Mining project

  • identify different types of data

  • identify different methods of data presentation

  • identify different methods of data analysis

  • be aware of various data analysis software

  • identify Data Mining projects in their professional and / or private environment

  • Introduction and presentation of participants and their professional environment

  • The concept of Data Mining (definitions)

  • Fields of application with practical examples

  • The stages of a Data Mining project

  • The different types of data

  • Data presentation methods

  • Data analysis methods

  • Statistical analysis and Data Mining software

  • Examples of Data Mining projects

  • Discussion

  • Questions & answers

Target Audience
  • All functions within companies that have large amounts of data

  • Applicable to all sectors of the economy

  • Anyone interested in the subject


Support de cours

Le support de cours sera délivré en début du cours.

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