Data Mining - Fundamental Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities for Business (virtual classroom)

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Target Audience

All functions within companies that have large amounts of data

Applicable to all sectors of the economy

Anyone interested in the subject


By the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

define the concept of Data Mining

know the different fields of application within Data Mining

name the main stages of a Data Mining project

identify different types of data

identify different methods of data presentation

identify different methods of data analysis

be aware of various data analysis software

identify Data Mining projects in their professional and / or private environment


Introduction and presentation of participants and their professional environment

The concept of Data Mining (definitions)

Fields of application with practical examples

The stages of a Data Mining project

The different types of data

Data presentation methods

Data analysis methods

Statistical analysis and Data Mining software

Examples of Data Mining projects


Questions & answers


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