Data Visual Analytics - Fundamentals (virtual classroom)

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Virtual classroom

In response to the current situation related to the coronavirus COVID-19, the House of Training is delighted to announce that this training is now accessible as a virtual class.

This format, perfectly adapted to any staff member aiming to develop their skills remotely, has various benefits:

  • It allows you to train yourself while avoiding any physical movement

  • Maximum efficiency is guaranteed due to an adaptation of session durations according to this kind of training

  • Regular interaction between the trainer and the learners is assured thanks to modern technology tools

Registration is easy!

If you wish to attend this training, please click on “S'inscrire” and choose “virtual classroom”.

In order to conveniently attend the virtual classroom, kindly review the following recommendations.


An introduction to Data Visual Anaytics to achieve operations and sales productivity.

Key topics are:

  • Why Visual Analytics is transforming business

  • Best Practices

  • Collaborative problem solving

  • Deployment considerations


Upon successful completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Articulate why Data Visual Analytics is so much more powerful in business decision making than basic visualisation and dashboards

  • Have a holistic view of Data Exploration cycle and the different tools required to deliver results

  • How to forage for data and incorporate different data sources into visual analytics

  • Why the brain prefers to analyse data visually and how to do this more effectively

  • How to be more effective in gaining insights from data by viewing it from different perspectives using interactive dashboards

  • How story telling dramatically increases the likelihood of insights being actioned

  • Making collaboration a key element of the problem solving process

  • Tools available on the market and key deployment considerations


  • Introduction to Data Visual Analytics and why it is more than visualization

    • What is visual analytics and why it augments human perception

    • Data Exploration Cycle

  • Data Preparation

    • Why it is important & best practice

  • Explore and Visualise

    • Visual Exploration: enable the query, exploration and visualization in a single process

    • Visualisation methods: What to use and how to increase impact

    • Visual Perspective-Shifting: Why it is important to be able to view the same data stream through different visulaisation techniques to find the best insights?

    • Automatic Visualisation: How not to get stuck in tables and old ways of thinking

  • Develop Insights, Act and undertake Tasks

    • Visual Expressiveness: why people need to visualize and contrast multiple dimensions (eg time, sales, profit), to solve complex problems. – explore best practices

    • Visual Perspective Linking: Problem solving is enhanced when images are intimately linked so a selection on one shows related relevant data in the others

    • Collaborative Visualisation: How tools that enable collaboration in analytics allow best practices and models to be shared or re-used

  • Deployment Consideration

    • Key Consideration in deploying data analytics tools

  • Applying Visual Analytics in your environment – 1st steps

Target Audience

All business professionals wanting to increase and  improve their use of data in decision making


At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of participation delivered by the House of Training.

Course material

The course material will be delivered at the beginning of the course.


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