Efficient Private Banking Assistant

The purpose of this intensive training course is to provide Private Banking Assistants with the technical and practical competences they need to fulfil their daily tasks. Thanks to a range of practical exercises and case studies, the participants will acquire the necessary confidence to deal with the clientele’s requirements. Furthermore, they will understand the functioning of the back-office and thus collaborate more efficiently with this department.
All the different training units are held by experts in the respective fields of activity.
The programme has been slightly adapted taking into consideration the comments of former participants. In order to dedicate more time to the study of the financial products a whole day has been added to the pathway.
The following subjects are covered by the programme:
  • Introduction to Private Banking Activities and their Importance for the Financial Centre of Luxembourg
  • Bank Accounts and Instruments of Payment
  • Fundamentals of Capital Markets
  • Fundamentals of Standard Financial Products :
o Interest Rates
o Bonds
o Shares
o Investment Funds
  • The Back-Office’s Role and Operations

The training approach combines multiple courses (theoretical teaching with practical workshops). Please refer to our on-line catalogue for dates and details according to the below list of courses:

  • Capital Markets-Fundamentals 
  • Private Banking in Luxembourg-Fundamentals 
  • Back-Office Roles & Operations-Fundamentals 
  • Bank Accounts and Payment Services-Fundamentals 
  • Bonds-Fundamentals 
  • Investment Funds-Fundamentals 
  • Workshop Bonds & Interest Rates 
  • Shares-Fundamentals 
  • Workshop Investment Funds & Shares 
  • Examination 
Target Public

The Efficient Private Banking Assistant is intended for junior bank employees working or starting to work in the Private Banking department. A good command of English is required.


The knowledge acquired during the course can be validated through an examination. This examination will be based on a multiple choice questionnaire of approximately 50 questions. The passing rate is at 50%.