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Family Governance in a Family Office

The objective of this  training module is to provide an introduction to the professional context in which a Family Officer is meant to operate. 
  • What is a family?
    • Why does the definition of family matter?
    • Global definitions
    • The family in different jurisdictions
    • Family ˈDNAˈ Legacy
    • Family values
    • Family vision
    • Philanthropy
  • What is governance?
    • Why are wealthy families so interested in family governance?
    • The principles of ˈproactiveˈ governance versus ˈgoodˈ governance
    • What is the impact of a ˈcultureˈ on governance?
  • Family governance
    • Who is in the family?
    • How to create family governance
    • The changing role of the Family Office
    • Family constitution
    • The family Rule of Law
    • Working with a family council
    • Adding Board, Advisory Board and Committees members
    • How to organize the family’s assemblies
  • The next generation
    • Communication: a key to family success
    • How to continue with the next generation
    • How to train and inspire the next generation
    • Learning the DIY approach
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4 heures
Chambre de Commerce du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
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7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
Luxembourg, L-2981
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