From Business Problems to Data Solutions - Advanced

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At the end of the course, the participant will be able to understand:

  • The business challenge & value of data

  • Formulating a business data hypothesis

  • The jargon of data science

  • The process to identify the data solution type (i.e. Data Science or Data Analytics)

  • The conversation with his ‘experts’ on Data Project objectives and capabilities


  • Expectations and process

  • Envisioning showcase: projects, use cases, examples

  • Identifying business challenges and problems from which value can be found

  • Exercise:

    • Facilitator led: to identify business challenges

    • Scenario example or attendee proposed business challenge

  • How to identify business value

  • Mapping business challenge to data project hypothesis:

    • How to define a specific problem statement

    • How to propose a data driven solution concept

  • How to formulate a data project hypothesis: focus, data, technique and insight

  • Exercise: mapping a solution concept to a problem & formulating project hypothesis

  • Jargon Busting

  • Assess the suitability of your data:

    • 4 V’s

    • Key considerations

    • Exercise: guided data assessment

  • Exercise: assess your company problem against the 4V’s

  • Identify required techniques and analytical disciplines

  • Data analytics decision tree

  • Exercise: identify the analytical discipline for your project

  • Understanding skills and tools

  • Exercise: identifying skills and initiatives

  • How to prepare for your solution

    • IT infrastructure

    • Technology partners

    • Data skills

    • Investment

    • Roadmap

  • Establish data & AI readiness

  • Exercise: assess data readiness and next steps

Target audience

Business & Technical professionals who are embarking on transformational projects that are underpinned by Digital technologies, ho want to understand more about the jargon and realities of developing data solutions


At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of participation delivered by the House of Training.

Course material

The course material will be delivered at the beginning of the course.


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From Business Problems to Data Solutions - Fundamentals

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From Business Problems to Data Solutions - Fundamentals

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