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Information: this module is also included in its entirety in the BIM Coordinator training and is therefore part of the complete training cycle, which covers every aspect of Building Information Modeling, from the basics to the tools of the BIM Manager.

Hereby, the module is also offered as a standalone training, to provide the possibility to BIM Modelers and BIM Referents (and any other interested person) to dive deeper into the IFC matter.


The training is designed to acquire a good understanding of the “behind the scenes” of the IFC format and the related technical problems and to learn several methods of analysis and troubleshooting.

The trainees will learn the basics of the IFC structure and its general logic, and consequently how to read an IFC file in text format.


Background knowledge:

  • Software implementation

  • IFC certification process

Read an IFC file (text format):

  • IFC file and its structure (continuation of the BIM Referent training)

  • Use of the buildingSmart websites

  • Tools for reading and analysing IFC files

Examples, analysis and troubleshooting:

  • Spatial structure

  • Placement / geolocalization

  • Geometry (basics of 3D modeling)

  • Quantity takeoff

  • Design transfer


Experience with IFC exchanges


Completion of the training BIM - Referent


Completion of the training Outils de modélisation – échanges et méthode BIM

Target audience

Everyone interested in gathering deeper knowledge of the IFC format.


At the end of the training, the trainees will receive a certificate of participation delivered by the House of Training and CRTI-B.


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