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The objective of this learning course is to acquire knowledge about Instant Payments, its opportunities and challenges. 

The course is presented in cooperation with the ABBL Digital Banking and FinTech Innovation Cluster.

  • Introduction

Explanation of the drivers of the Instant Payment, its main characteristics and an overview of the current situation about Instant Payment around the globe. 

  • Description of Instant Payment schemes and CSM in Europe

Description of the various national schemes existing around Europe with a main focus on the SCT Inst and on clearing and settlement mechanisms able to handle Instant Payments in Europe. 

  • Challenges 

Description of the technical and operational challenges the banks may face when offering Instant Payment to its clients. 

  • Opportunities – Practical uses cases

Description of the business opportunities linked to the Instant Payment, including the description of successful uses cases around the world. 

  • Strategies to implement Instant Payment

Proposition of different strategies to move forward with the implementation of Instant Payment. 

Target audience

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of Instant Payment. The course specifically targets people working within and at all levels in the payments area of financial institutions and PSPs.


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Course Material

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No exam is available for this training course.

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