Islamic Finance - Introduction


The objective of this module is to give a detailed overview of Islamic finance from the perspective of conventional finance.

  • Understanding Shariah Law
    • Principles of Shariah Law
    • Shariah Law and economic systems
    • Shariah compliant products
  • Characteristics of Shariah Financing Contracts
    • Overview of Islamic contracts
    • Permissible investment
    • Islamic perception of money
    • Islam and ethical investment
  • Principal Islamic Finance Contracts
    • Ijara (operating lease)
    • Ijara WA iqtina (finance lease)
    • Mudarabah (participation or trust financing)
    • Murabah (cost-plus financing)
    • Musharakah (equity financing)
    • Istesna’a (construction financing)
    • Bai Salam (payment for future delivery)
    • Arbun (pre-purchase of right to acquire asset)
    • Sukuk (bond issue)
  • Securitization
    • Definition of securitization in Islamic Shariah
    • Asset backed securities
    • Securitization of hybrid securities
  • Islamic Financial Engineering Sukuk
    • Definition of Sukuk
    • The market for Sukuk
    • AAOIFI classification of Sukuk
    • Sukuk and bonds
    • Types of Sukuk
    • Basic Sukuk structure
  • Hedge Funds
    • Islamic view of hedge fund activity 2.Hedge fund return 3.Shariah compliant fund of funds
  • Islamic Capital Market Products
    • Shariah compliant capital market products
    • Islamic capital market in GCC and Malaysia
    • Development of Islamic capital market in MENA
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