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Lean Thinking - Green Belt Training

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  • Icon 02.12.2021
  • Icon 16 h
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*Prix d'inscription de base, variable selon options choisies.

   Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation présentielle. En savoir plus


    At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

    • understand the Lean principles  

    • replicate the implementation of the Lean principles within projects / missions. Based on the bottleneck analysis, identify additional opportunities

    • understand the Lean concept

    • deploy the basic Lean tools within a project to accelerate process velocity


    • Lean Introduction

    • The 5 Pillars / the 14 Principles / the 3 Attitudes

    • Value stream mapping: How to map a flow?

      • Value added vs Non value added activities

    • Waste elimination - The 3 Mu

      • Muda / Muri / Mura

      • Process constraint / bottleneck

      • Impact of high WIP 

      • SMED

    • Visual management:

      • Visual displays / Visual metrics / Visual controls

    • Tiered meeting

      • How to implement the continuous improvement mindset?

    • 5 S Program

    • Problem solving: basic tools kit

    • Leadership standard work

    Target audience

    Following the Lean Sigma Awareness training, any people (from Banking, IT, Services, Manufacturing etc.) interested to go ahead with the Lean practices
    Change agents (from Banking, IT, Services, Manufacturing etc.) who want to use the Lean techniques within their project  


    Video will be used to introduce the notion of hardness work reduction in any process to cope with the Lean rules. 

    Consultant - Trainer (Fluent in English and French)

    Manufacturing (15 years of experience)

    • Continuous Improvement Leader for Europe

    • Responsible to deploy Strategic Plan for 5 plants and

    •     8 DC over 2500 people 

    • More than 100 GB/BB coached project per year.  

    Financial Services (5 years of experience)

    • VP : Efficiency & Effectiveness Europe

    • Deploy Lean Sigma Program to support Process Improvement strategy  (More than 40 projects coached)

    • Outsourcing : Analyze and implement first waves of outsourcing  (Fund Accounting and Custody )

    IT Services (2 years of experience)

    • VP : CIO Office

    • Support IT strategy implementation by improving IT Services efficiency

    • ITIL : Improve Client satisfaction in IT Service Delivery.

    Business Owner ( 8 years )

    • More than 400 people trained in Lean and Sigma in various areas such as Manufacturing, Finance and IT .

    • Multiple LSS program implementation from Management Engagement, training to Project coaching

    • Multiple Project in “Change” area : TOM, Financial breakdown etc


    Trainees will have access to the “Lean Thinking participation” certificate.


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    jeu. 02.12.2021 à 08h30

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    Lean Thinking Training

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    ven. 03.12.2021 à 08h30

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    Lean Thinking Training

    • icon Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

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