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150,00 EUR


(+3% TVA)

   Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation présentielle et à distance. En savoir plus


At the end of the course, the attendees will be able to:

  • Understand how professional social media are working
  • Create and optimize their Linkedin Profile
  • Search for contacts
  • Start and maintain relationships
  • Get involved in thematic groups and promote their skills and expertise.
  • Control their e-reputation


  • Social networks: my friend’s friends…
  • Linkedin and other professional platforms
  • Creating a profile: tips and good practices
  • Optimizing a profile
  • Talking, Listening, Interacting…
  • Getting involved
  • Managing and controlling


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mer. 24.11.2021 à 08h30

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LinkedIn - Set up and manage your account

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