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Market Risk - Measuring and Managing it


Market risk is a vast area that focuses on the chance that an investment’s value will change as a result of forces in the marketplace. Managing those forces and the interaction between them is the core of market risk management. The objective of this course is to provide participants with a good understanding of market risk and how to manage it.

  • Introduction
    • Market risk typology
    • Definitions
    • History and evolution
    • Organizational aspects and best practices
  • Market Risk Reporting
    • Reporting line
    • Examples
      • Basics components of Market Risk
        • Equity Risk
        • Interest Rate Risk
        • Forex Risk
        • Commodity Risk
      • Market Risk on Derivatives and Portfolios
      • VaR
        • Definition
        • Different approaches
        • Implementation and backtesting
      • Risk Management Software
        • Examples
        • Differences
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