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   Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation à distance. En savoir plus


  • Manage one or more agendas

  • Send meeting requests

  • Print the calendar content and change the layout

  • Outlook Task Management


  • Calendar

    • What do you have to plan in your calendar?

    • The new Calendar views

    • Create an appointment or an all-day event

    • Create recurrent appointments or all-day events

  • Send a meeting request

    • Update a meeting request

    • Add or remove the attendees on sent meeting requests

    • Follow up the meeting request's replies

    • Convert an appointment into a meeting request

  • Manage multiple calendars

    • Create a calendar group

    • Send a meeting request to a calendar group

    • Rename or delete a calendar group

  • Share the calendar

    • Sharing a calendar and manage the permission level

    • Open a shared calendar

    • Send your calendar by email for recipients out of your organisation

  • Print the calendar

    • Define the print style (daily, weekly, monthly)

    • Include an area for ​​handwritten notes in the printed calendar

    • Define the printing page setup

    • Set the date range to print

  • Calendar options

    • Define your working hours and days

    • Show the week number

    • Modify the default reminder

    • Add a second time zone

    • Add holidays

    • Set the weather display in the calendar

  • Tasks

    • What do you have to plan in your task list?

    • Create a task

    • Delegate a task and follow its progress

    • Show the daily task list beneath the calendar

    • How to end your workday with the task list up to date, and if not, how to reschedule tasks?

  • Manage projects efficiently with categories

    • Apply a conditional format for a better calendar management

    • Use categories to group the calendar and tasks items

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Key Job


  • Know the Windows environment


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