Outlook 2016 - Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Productivity (virtual classroom)

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  • Email sending options

    • Postpone sending an email to facilitate your time management

    • Specify a different reply address (i.e. a functional, a colleague's or your manager's mailbox)

    • Facilitate group work, and decision making, using the voting buttons

    • Schedule quickly a meeting based on an email

  • Automation and consistency of sent emails

    • Create Quick Parts (reusable text blocks)

    • Automate repetitive tasks with Quick Steps

    • Create an Outlook template for redundant emails

  • Increase efficiency by customizing the standard Outlook view

    • Deactivate the new email notification to no longer suffer the email arrival

    • Delete automatically the individual read receipts

    • Apply conditional formatting for important emails or appointments

    • Create a custom view to access quickly your important Outlook items

    • Tips for focusing on emails sent directly to you

    • Customize the priority level by adding a custom field

  • Good practices

    • The 4 D method for a better organisation


Customise display, automate repetitive tasks, create standard emails to enhance your productivity. Learn useful tips to avoid being overwhelmed by incoming emails.


Know Windows environment. Know basic functions of Outlook.

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lun. 15.03.2021 à 13h30

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Outlook 2016 - Tips & Tricks to enhance your productivity

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