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   Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation à distance. En savoir plus


  • Create more elaborated presentations

  • Customize the slide master

  • Create PowerPoint templates


  • Working in Outline view

    • Add text in Outline view

    • Import text from a Word document

    • Promote or demote the text level

    • Have an overview of all slide titles

  • Master

    • Modify the slide master

    • Create several slide masters

    • Modify existing layouts

    • Create new layouts and rename them

    • Add placeholders in a custom layout

    • Modify the notes and handouts master

  • Corporate design

    • Create a PowerPoint template

    • Create an Office theme

    • Apply an Office theme

  • Photo album

    • Create a photo album

    • Choose and reorder pictures

    • Modify the layout of the photo album

    • Edit an existing photo album

In collaboration with

Key Job


  • Basic Windows and PowerPoint knowledge


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