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PRIIPS - Latest evolutions


A l’issue de cette formation, vous serez en mesure de :

Comprendre le champ d’application de la règlementation PRIIPS

Identifier les conditions requises à son implémentation

Appréhender les enjeux de sa mise en place Appréhender les enjeux de sa mise en place


Required knowledge: basic knowledge, the training is intented to be conscious awakening.

Target Audience

Your legal team, Compliance, Asset management and Marketing or Communication department is highly concerned.


All you need to know about the KID in a few hours: public, content, format and principles. The new rules regarding PRIIPS will have to be implemented by the end of 2016. The Seminar is intended to provide the audience with the underlying principles and the main features of the upcoming Key Investor Document for Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products


4 hours

& Examen

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3 heures
255,00 EUR