Private Equity - Fundamentals

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The objectives of this training module are to provide participants with: an introductory overview to the private equity business; an explanation of the fundamental concepts of private equity and a basis of understanding for the private equity programme as a whole.


  • Introduction (Definitions/figures/actors)

  • The Private Equity Fund (Fund structuring/functioning/marketing/investment restrictions/investors information)

  • Investment/fund valuation (Principles/valuation methodologies)

  • Performance calculation/allocation

Target Public

  • Mutual Funds Professionals willing to acquire substantial knowledge of the Private Equity fund administration and depositary activities

  • Alternative Funds Professionals aiming at developing their understanding of Private Equity specifics in the fields of fund structuring and monitoring, valuation and performance calculation/attribution

  • Other Professionals active in AIFMs, legal, audit and advisory firms etc. eager to benefit from an extensive overview of Private Equity business processes


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