Fonds d'investissement

Private Equity - Fundamentals of the Roles and Responsibilities of PE Professionals


The objective of this training module is to provide participants with an overview and understanding of the principal service providers involved in the private equity industry. 

  • Roles and responsibilities explained
  • Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM)
    • General Partner
    • Limited Partner
    • Marketing
    • Depositary
    • Fund Administrator
    • Registrar and Transfer Agent
    • Auditor
    • Legal Advisor
    • Tax Advisor
  • Direct insights from General Partner representatives:
    • The fund life cycle through the eyes of a General Partner
    • Practical examples - Buyout & VC Investment cases
    • “Ask the GP" Q&A session
& Examen
8 heures
Chambre de Commerce du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
voir affichage sur place (Chambre de Commerce du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg)
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
Luxembourg, L-2981
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195,00 EUR