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After the training the participant shall be able to:

  • Master the key steps of the CPS (Creative Problem Solving) process to find solutions for your needs

  • Have a creativity toolbox to implement the CPS process efficiently

  • Know how to identify situations where it is possible to use the CPS process in your daily life, both face-to-face and remotely

  • Adjust your posture as a facilitator to integrate the creative dimension in your mission or project

  • Use, for oneself or in group facilitation, the fundamental rules of divergence / convergence.

Focus on the CPS approach
  • The fundamentals of the creative process in relation to the Creative Problem Solving model

  • Global vision of the CPS approach: problem solving and creativity

  • The principle of divergence / convergence.

Toolbox to meet the needs of the different stages of Creative Problem Solving in relation to the three main phases of CPS and its sub-stages
  • Clarification of the problem

  • Ideation: optimization of brainstorming with its keys to success

  • Several ideation techniques to go further in your idea production

  • Transforming ideas into solutions and initiating action plans: from prioritization to concrete action / Idea classification grid

  • Get the ideas accepted by the concerned actors

  • Launch the action plan.

From face-to-face workshop to digital workshop to meet new needs
  • Experimentation of various digital tools to make actions possible with Creative Problem Solving in remote mode

  • Posture of the facilitator during the problem solving meeting

  • Projection into your future problem solving meeting.

Target audience

Anyone who wants to solve their problems by finding new ideas through an effective and structured method and the use of creativity tools.


Support de cours

Pour des raisons de respect de l'environnement veuillez noter qu'aucun support papier ne vous sera fourni lors de votre formation. Votre support de cours peut être téléchargé gratuitement avant le début du cours via notre portail client (télécharger ici le guide du portail client). Vous pourrez ainsi le consulter sur l’écran de votre appareil mobile ou l'imprimer en cas de besoin. Si votre inscription a été effectuée par un responsable formation de votre entreprise veuillez le contacter pour qu'il puisse vous y donner accès ou vous l'envoyer.

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
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Sessions et horaires

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  • mer. 18.10.2023

    08:30 à 16:30


    Solving problem finding new ideas with CPS (Creative Problem Solving)

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

  • jeu. 19.10.2023

    08:30 à 16:30


    Solving problem finding new ideas with CPS (Creative Problem Solving)

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg