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Project Management Certification

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A the end of the courses, the participant will be able to:

  • have a good understanding of project management, the methods and tools used to manage projects and how to ensure the success of a project

  • understand the need for project management and how PRINCE2® meets that requirement

  • understand the PRINCE2® process model

  • prepare project plans using product based planning techniques and undertake risk analysis and management for the project

  • prepare information for inclusion in a Project Initiation Document

  • understand techniques for the management of product development, quality control and change control

  • understand the total concept of PRINCE2 in detail

  • apply PRINCE2 in all aspects to a project

  • organise and run the project in a balanced way

  • execute the project balancing all stakeholders interests

  • give founded comments on all aspects and documents of a project


Project Management - Fundamentals

  • Characteristics of projects

  • Understanding the project life cycle

    • Feasibility phase

    • Planning and requirements

    • Execution

    • Testing

    • Handover

  • Project management

    • Role and responsibilities of project managers

    • Key success factors

    • Projects, programmes, portfolios

  • Tools for project planning and management

    • Project management software

    • Work breakdown structures

    • GANTT charts

    • PERT diagrams

    • Critical path analysis

    • Resource management

  • Methods for managing projects

  • Feasibility phase

    • Importance of the feasibility phase

    • Feasibility studies

  • Planning and requirements

    • Writing and reviewing requirements

    • Establishing a project plan

    • Managing the project plan

  • Execution

    • Carrying out the project

    • Managing resources

    • Change management

    • Tracking implementation

    • Project baselining

  • Project testing

    • Testing and quality

    • Test plan

    • Steps in testing

    • User acceptance testing

    • Quality risks

  • Handover

    • Project audit

    • Project sign-off

    • Documentation

    • Move into production

  • Troubleshooting in projects

    • Communication issues

    • Team building

    • Virtual teams

    • Managing project risk

PRINCE 2 Foundation

  • Refresh: What is a project?

  • Structure of PRINCE2

  • Starting up a project

  • Directing a project

  • Organisation

  • Business case

  • Initiating a project

  • Risk

  • Change

  • Quality

  • Managing a stage boundary

  • Controlling a stage

  • Managing product delivery

  • Progress

  • Closing a project

PRINCE 2 Practitioner

  • Training set-up

    • 3 consecutive full days of training, including cases and exam training

    • Web-based exam training

    • Objective test exam during 3 hours, leading to the OGC issued Certificate

    • The exam will take place the 3rd day of the training

  • Documentation

    • Syllabus

    • Miscellaneous handouts

  • Hours required outside training hours :

    • As preparation for the first day our estimate is approximately 8 hours. We recommend that the evening of the first training day is used for a two hour review of the studied material. The final preparation of the exam is estimated to take around 12 hours.

Target audience

  • Project Managers, Programme Managers, Team Managers, Project Engineers

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Project Support

  • People working in Projects, Principals, Senior Responsible Owners

  • Project Buyers

  • Consultants


At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of participation delivered by the House of Training.

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