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As part of the Depositary Bank Certification, this training provides participants with a foundation in financial risk management. Prior knowledge in Risk Management is not required.

  • Define risks and responsibilities of risk managers in financial services

  • Describe the main types of financial risks

  • Understanding the international regulatory environment for risk management

  • Explain basic characteristics of market risk, credit risk, operational risk, liquidity risk

  • Understand how risk is measured

  • Describe the main governance issues related to risk management.


  • Introduction and Definitions

    • Risk

    • Risk Management

    • Risk Profile / Risk Appetite

  • Life Cycle

  • Types of Risk

    • Typology

    • Market Risk

      • Equity Risk

      • Interest Rate Risk

      • FOREX Risk

      • Commodities Risk

    • Credit Risk

      • Default Risk

      • Spread Risk

      • Counterparty Risk

      • Settlement Risk

    • Liquidity Risk

      • Asset Liquidity Risk

      • Funding Liquidity Risk

    • Operational Risk

      • Processes

      • People

      • Systems

      • External Events

    • Emerging Risks 

      • Climate change

      • Cyber Risks

      • New Technologies

  • Regulatory Environment

    • Banks

    • Investment Funds

  • Governance and Risk

  • Conclusion

Target audience

Back-office employees of a depositary bank (i.e. Depositary bank agents).



Only available as part of  Depositary Bank Certification

Course material

The course material will be delivered at the beginning of the course, in English version.

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