ROOM 42 – Do(n’t) panic (for non-technical staff)

In collaboration with
The day after:
check how long you will survive after a major cyber-attack...

Break the complexity of cybersecurity tasks and create motivation for collective efforts to deal with the rising challenges.


The simulation environment creates a realistic experience where all participants are required to make quick, high-impact decisions with realtime but - also often - minimal information. The “Room 42” is a cyber-attack simulation game. It is an innovative and unique concept in Luxembourg, during which “players” will be completely immersed - for a maximum of 1 to 2 hours - in a cyber-attack and will be requested to react to it. The way the participants react, interact and behave will be scrutinized and analysed throughout the game.

Target audience

C’ level, Management, CIO, CISO, Technical people

& Examen

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