Room#42 - Experience and learn to manage cyber incidents

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  • Icon 10.12.2020
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Experience and learn to manage cyber incidents

Room#42 is the highlight of the Cybersecurity Competence Center. It is the first cyber crisis simulation game, made in Luxembourg.

This unique concept allows participants to be completely immersed in a cyber-attack simulation. The way the players interact and behave is being followed by the “game master”, who will adjust the flow of the exercise accordingly. Good decisions will be rewarded and poor decisions penalized.


Break the complexity of cybersecurity tasks and create motivation for collective efforts to deal with the rising challenges.



  • Welcome and briefing

  • Simulation Room#42

  • Debriefing

Target audience

Managers, risk manager, employees


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jeu. 10.12.2020 à 09h30

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ROOM 42 – Do(n’t) panic (for non-technical staff)


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