Stock Trading for Traders (level 4: assessment)




This one day interactive course is the fourth level and final assessment of a 7-day programme split into 4 levels, dedicated to the community of professional traders of financial instruments.


Prior to attending this level 4 assessment course, it is strongly recommended to have completed: 


  • Money management & risk management strategies
  • Learn how to keep a trading journal and the points to include in it
  • Key lessons for obtaining a consistent and steady capital growth
  • Learn about buying in dips and selling on rallies
  • Hands on practice with technical indicators on a live market to get you ready for your business
  • Understand trading in difficult times and keeping/moving your positions
  • Getting with trading on live markets
  • Difference in spreads on financial instruments
  • Recap on concepts learned
  • Testing trading knowledge and skills
  • Placing a trade
  • Post trade challenges in trading
  • Key takeaways from trading live
Target Audience

This course is intended for those with considerable trading experience. 

Here are some of the profiles who would be potentially interested in the training course:

  • Investment analyst
  • Investment Operations administrator
  • Investment banker
  • Investment fund administrator
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Trader
  • Investment associate
  • Investment banking analyst
  • Brokerage Operations associate
  • Trading advisor
  • Investment advisor (in banks)
  • Equity dealer
  • Sales advisor - brokerage
  • Associate - Corporate finance
  • Prime brokerage consultant
  • Financial controller
  • Auditor - Investments
  • Operations associate - Investment company
  • Fund management experts/analysts
  • Stock market technician


Support de cours

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