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Both private and public organisations need to adapt to numerous outside world and technological developments, which require working in a more agile, flexible, collaborative and data-driven way. Strategic leadership and change management deals with processes aimed at setting the organisation's direction, objectives and priorities in the changing landscape, at focusing internal energy and resources to achieve the objectives and at aligning internal and external stakeholders. This module aims to develop the understanding of the images we hold about how change should be managed, images of what our role should be as a leader of change and the outcomes we think are possible. It aims at helping the manager better apprehend the complexity of change and the various stages in the process of managing and leading change. It intends to heighten awareness as to the variety of approaches to managing and leading change. Leadership is a social phenomenon. The module thus aims at heightening sensitivity as to the social processes beyond influence such as shared sense-making, active-listening, dialogue and construction of responsibilities. Finally the module investigates leadership theory, and notably gender diversity and leadership, and its contribution to organisational performance encouraging the students to use theory, e-data research and personal experience to engage in debate and formulate recommendations for personal and organisational development purposes.


After the training the participant will be able to:  

  • identify, categorise and critique types of change

  • explain why managing organisational change is both a creative and a rational process

  • critically assess why change initiatives are successful or not and apply to a live case study

  • recognise and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches to managing and leading change and apply to a live case study

  • compare, critique and apply leadership theories, including gender and leadership, to a live case study

  • understand and apply followership theory to a live case study

  • Session 1: Stories of change as a way of contributing to our knowledge of theory and practice. Managing organisational change as both a creative and rational process. Tensions and paradoxes in managing organisational change.

  • Session 2: Differences between change agent, change manager and change leader, images of managing change and changing managers.

  • Session 3: External and internal environmental pressures that can trigger organisational change, different organisational behaviours toward changes.

  • Session 4: Diagnostic models in planning organisational change, strategic analysis tools, organisational receptiveness and individual readiness.

  • Session 5: First order and second order change, common organisational changes, forms of resistance and approaches to the management of resistance to change, sense-making, communication strategies and skills. 

  • Session 6: Leadership theories including leadership as practice, gender and leadership theories, followership.

  • Session 7: Live case study theory and experience at partner organisation.

Teaching will include interactive lectures, accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, case studies, role-playing sessions, discussions, individual and group presentations. For the live case study, the students will be put in teams to work on organisational issues of strategic importance to a partner company.


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