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TIPA Assessor for ITIL & TIPA Lead Assessor

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Authorized Training Organization

House of Training one of the TIPA Authorized Training Organizations


This course has the best value for your investment. It not only allows you to complete both TIPA Courses, but gives you a better price than for both of them individually.

TIPA® is an internationally-recognized framework for IT process assessment. The TIPA framework offers a turnkey solution to determine the maturity of IT processes aligned with IT best practices. TIPA also enables process improvements. TIPA for ITIL® successfully combines the well-known process-assessment standard, ISO/IEC 15504, with IT Service Management best practices described in ITIL.

This course combines both the TIPA Assessor and the TIPA Lead Assessor in a 5 days classroom course. It is meant for professionals who want to achieve TIPA's highest level in one go.

During the first three days you will start with the TIPA Assessor course that provides a great insight into the concepts and key components of TIPA that will enable you to participate in assessments projects under the supervision of a TIPA Lead Assessor. You will cover the role of the TIPA Assessor during each of the six phases of the assessment project and understand the practical techniques to become a TIPA Assessor for ITIL. You will learn to “apply” your knowledge through a combination of assignments and a simulation exercise in which you role-play through an assessment project by conducting interviews, rating the processes, performing SWOT analysis, recommending improvements, and presenting the results. At the end of the 3 days you will be prepared to take and pass the TIPA Assessor for ITIL Certification Exam and become a Certified TIPA Assessor for ITIL.

After this you will continue for 2 more days with the TIPA Lead Assessor course, where you will learn the ability to lead a process assessment project based on the TIPA framework. The course enables you to collaborate with executive and top management to define the scope and plan of an assessment project, and define the project assessment team structure. You will be able to use the TIPA tools to monitor progress throughout the project lifecycle, ensure quality of the assessment and present results and recommendations to all relevant stakeholders. At the end of the 2 days you will be prepared to take and pass the TIPA Lead Assessor Certification Exam and become a Certified TIPA Lead Assessor.


This course will help the participants to build their skills to:

  • conduct TIPA* related interviews and rating processes according to the TIPA rating scheme
  • analyze the process assessment results, suggesting improvements and drawing conclusions about the process maturity using the TIPA toolbox
  • collaborate with executive and top management to define the scope, select the class of assessment and plan of a TIPA assessment project
  • define the TIPA project assessment team structure
  • lead and provide guidance to the TIPA Assessors from start to finish of the assessment project
  • use the TIPA Toolbox to lead an assessment project
  • present the results of the assessment and recommendations to the top management of the organization.


  • TIPA Assessor for ITIL
    • TIPA for Process Assessment of IT Service Management
    • Roles in the TIPA Project
    • Definition and preparation phases
    • Assessment phase (includes assignments)
  • TIPA Assessor for ITIL
    • Assessment phase (includes assignments)
    • Analysis phase (includes assignments)
    • Results presentation and closure phases (includes assignments)
    • Introduction to simulation
  • TIPA Lead Assessor
    • Organization of a TIPA assessment project (includes assignments)
    • Responsibilities of the lead assessor (includes assignments)
    • Definition phase (includes assignments)
    • Preparation phase (includes assignments)
    • Assessment and analysis phases (includes assignments)
  • TIPA Lead Assessor
    • Results presentation phase (includes assignments)
    • Assessment closure phase (includes assignments)

Read the complete TIPA Assessor for ITIL Course Fact Sheet

Read the complete TIPA Lead Assessor Course Fact Sheet


The lecturer is a senior R&D Engineer, from Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and is also a co-author of the TIPA Framework.

Target Audience

The TIPA Assessor training course is intended to train participants to become certified TIPA assessors. Targeted participants are:

  • ITSM process owners or process managers
  • Quality managers or organization officers in companies delivering IT services
  • ITSM consultants or auditors


  • TIPA Lead Assessor Certification
  • TIPA Assessor ITIL Certification 
Successful completion of the exam is sanctioned by a certificate issued by the House of Training, LIST and IT Preneurs.


Combination of presentation, assignments, simulation exercises and role-plays


  • TIPA Assessor for ITIL : 3 days including the exam
  • TIPA Lead Assessor : 2 days, including the exam
  • TIPA Assessor + Lead Assessor : 5 days, including the 2 exams


The course will be held in English but trainers are also fluent in French.

Enrollment condition

To access the programme, you have to submit an application.

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