UCIs - Incorporation and Legal Life (virtual classroom)

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  • Icon 02.10.2020
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Virtual classroom

In response to the current situation related to the coronavirus COVID-19, the House of Training is delighted to announce that this training is now accessible as a virtual class.

This format, perfectly adapted to any staff member aiming to develop their skills remotely, has various benefits:

  • It allows you to train yourself while avoiding any physical movement

  • Maximum efficiency is guaranteed due to an adaptation of session durations according to this kind of training

  • Regular interaction between the trainer and the learners is assured thanks to modern technology tools

Registration is easy!

If you wish to attend this training, please click on “S'inscrire” and choose “virtual classroom”.

In order to conveniently attend the virtual classroom, kindly review the following recommendations.


  • To understand the legal and regulatory framework of UCIs
  • To understand the process of setting up an UCI
  • To master meetings of the corporate bodies of UCIs
  • To master amending UCIs’ documentation
  • To understand the operations of liquidation and contribution to another UCI


  • Setting up a fund (UCI)
    • Generalities
    • Procedures
    • Particularities regarding funds with multiple sub-funds
    • Public offering
    • Distribution
    • Request for listing on the Luxembourg Stock exchange
  • Modification of the Constitutive documents of a fund (UCI)
    • Generalities
    • Investment companies
    • Mutual funds
  • Modification of the prospectus of a fund (UCI)
    • Procedures
    • Investor information
  • Company Meetings
    • Annual general meeting (AGM)
    • Board Meetings
  • Events occurring during the life of a fund
    • Replacement of directors
    • Replacement of an auditor
    • Filing of accounts
    • Change of the company address

What participants say about this training

"The trainer was just great!" / "Very well presented, excellent technical backgroud, compliments to the course presenter" / "Many interesting questions have been asked to the trainer who gave "real life" answers based on the practice and the rules"


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ven. 02.10.2020 à 09h00

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UCIs - Incorporation and Legal Life

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lun. 05.10.2020 à 09h00

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UCIs - Incorporation and Legal Life

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