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   Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation à distance. En savoir plus


  • Create a mailing (letter, label, envelope) by using information stored in a database.


  • Introduction

    • Definition of a Mail merge

    • Main document, database: definitions

  • Simple merge

    • Create a main document

    • Create a database

    • Modify an existing database (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook)

    • Modify the structure of a database

  • Labels and envelopes

    • Create labels with the mail merge

    • Choose the format of the labels

    • Mail Merging labels

    • Modification of the final document

    • Create envelopes

    • Choose the format of the envelopes

    • Complete the mail merge to a new document or to the printer

  • Sort and filter records

    • Sorting records

    • Filtering the records

  • Rules

    • Insert rules

En collaboration avec :

Key Job


  • Basic knowledge of Word.


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