Meet our Partner - Sacred Heart University

Meet Antoine Rech, Head of Campus.

In this new section, we regularly present the House of Training’s partners. 

Today, meet Antoine Rech, Head of Campus at the Sacred Heart University (

Mr. Rech, can you present Sacred Heart University in a few words? 

SHU has educated business leaders at its main campus in Fairfield, Connecticut since 1965 and at its Luxembourg branch since 1991.  For over thirty years, more than 700 business leaders from more than 50 different countries have graduated with a SHULU MBA degree. Located in the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg, SHULU offers AACSB accredited MBA programs (Part-time and Full-time with Internship) as well as Business Certificates in Digital Management, Leadership, and Private Equity. 

Full-time employees can take advantage of the Part-time program through evening courses and implement directly what they learn in class in their work environment the next day!

Spouses of expatriates moving here for work, or international students from all around the globe, can benefit by gaining an internationally recognized degree plus a paid internship with renowned  companies based in Luxembourg. This is a great way for participants to develop their careers in the country, and for companies to hire top-notch professionals through a partnership based on trust and excellence.

In addition to being internationally accredited, the program is formally recognized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education and well respected by the business and finance community.

What are SHULU’s plans and projects for the future? 

SHULU is in continuous development, always looking for opportunities for both its participants and the business community. We are constantly updating the curriculum and the list of courses. The topics of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are the most recent examples. In parallel, and because of the pandemic, SHULU took some measures to reshape its way of operating, allowing teams from the main campus of Fairfield (Connecticut, USA) and teams in Luxembourg to efficiently work together on digital platforms. As a result, projects and courses involving professors from both campuses are facilitated, enabling an even better experience for students. In the near future, study trips to the main campus will be offered again and students will be allowed to benefit from the most recent technologies of the several labs operating in the US. Meanwhile in Luxembourg, a student center will be launched before Summer 2021, allowing students, Alumni and partnering companies to safely meet, network and develop projects together. Additional accommodation for international students is also planned.

What are the common projects with the House of Training and how does this partnership benefit SHULU?  

When SHULU meets with a potential new student, the goal is to confirm the mutual benefit. The future student should use our programs to grow. Simultaneously, SHULU will foresee that the student brings richness to the program by sharing her/his experience in each session of the curriculum. This mutual benefit will lead to success.

In the case of the partnership between the House of Training and SHULU, the same strategy applies, one of mutual benefit. Both institutions have a common objective: to offer each participant the education that will help her/him to grow professionally. Therefore, a partnership where forces are joined, makes total sense. The first step of this promising cooperation will be the delivery of a course on Blockchain, Big Data and Cryptocurrencies. For both the Chamber of Commerce (via the House of Training) and SHULU, this partnership is an extension of a relationship which began in 1991, when SHULU first made its home in the Chamber of Commerce. Thirty years after, and with the great support of the Chamber of Commerce, SHULU confirmed what Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in education gives the best returns.”  

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