Disruptive Banking

Financial Services in Transition

12 new training modules, the knowledge and know-how of highly qualified experts

Blockchain and Fintech have left the sphere of buzz words: today they reflect the potential and threat of an entire industry, and will contribute to shape the future of finance.

The House of Training is offering a series of 12 training modules allowing participants to acquire a basic level or to increase their knowledge in these imminently important subjects, focused on the concepts of Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Transformation.

Click on the course titles below for further details:

Data analytics in banking

27.04 - Introduction to Data Analytics 
15.05 - Data Analytics in Banking Applied to Customer On-boarding and Management
18.05 - Commercially Driven Data Analytics in Banking

Digital transformation in banking

08.05 Introduction to Digital Transformation in Banking
09.05 Digital Transformation Challenges on Invest
15.05 Digital Transformation Challenges on Credit
16.05 Digital Transformation Challenges on Daily Banking

Distributed ledger technology in banking (DLT)

22.05 Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology in Banking
23.05 Distributed Ledger Technology in Banking: Tech Track
29.05 Distributed Ledger Technology in Banking: Market and Legal Track
29.05 Distributed Ledger Technology in Banking: Executive Track

Cybersecurity - social engineering - human hacking

30.05 Human Risk in Banking

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