Strengthened by its history, the Luxembourg industry is characterised today by its diversification and its ability to produce high-quality goods for both national and international markets.

In the era of Industry 4.0, we are witnessing a major transformation, where digital and environmental innovation guides our practices towards sustainable and green production. To ensure a successful transition to this new industrial horizon, it's crucial to invest in developing the skills of businesses and their employees through continuous professional training.  

Our training offer is specially designed to meet the diverse needs of our sector. It provides professionals with the opportunity to customise their pathway, focusing on the essential skills for their success. Our programmes cover a multitude of areas, from organisational optimisation with Lean6Sigma methods to mastering production and maintenance technologies, including robotics and automation, as well as leadership and team management.  

The sector requires cutting-edge technical skills such as automation, robotics, and maintenance. Effective production management and metrology are also essential. By investing in the development of these skills and offering opportunities for continuous training, the Luxembourg industry can remain agile, integrate digital and environmental transitions, and successfully convert to Industry 5.0.

In addition to technical skills, the development of soft skills is of utmost importance for employees in the industrial sector. Therefore, we invite you to discover our training in Organisation and Business Transformation, IT, and Personal Development, which perfectly complement your professional pathway in the industry.

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