In recent years, companies have had to deal with an increasingly fast-changing regulatory environment. An ever-increasing quantity of legislation combined with more numerous codes and rules hamper the dynamism of certain companies, particularly SMEs. Nevertheless, apart from the obligation to apply the law, this may constitute a competitive advantage and generate added value. Frequent changes in the legal environment make it essential to regularly review the impact of the legislative framework on the corporate activities.  

Law in the service of the company

Understanding the law applicable to businesses and consumers is one of the many challenges that companies face. It is therefore important to understand the many facets that make it up. Whether it is business law, company law, labour law, human rights or intellectual property law, every aspect is important to a business.

In the same way, new issues arise, such as the prevention of corruption, the protection of clients' personal data, intellectual property, and competition. These topics represent challenges in that they have to be incorporated in activities while complying with the rules in force. This can only be achieved by having a knowledge of the legal environment in which the company operates, identifying and anticipating risks and opportunities, gathering all the information, and knowing the company's rights so that the appropriate legal instruments can be put in place in order to achieve its strategic objectives.

In all their activities, companies have to face a range of legal issues. It has therefore become essential for them to foster the emergence of collective legal intelligence by making sure that their employees have a good understanding of the aspects of the law that relate to their professional activity in order to incorporate, anticipate and deal confidently with the legal dimensions specific to each project.

Our training courses make it possible to increase the awareness of managers and other employees of the legal aspects of the company and for them to acquire elementary legal skills.

These training courses are listed in several professional profiles presented in the cross-functional fields. Depending on the different aspects of law, the four training topics we offer allow you to apply a 'mix and match' approach, depending on your requirements.

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