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Safety & Health at Work

The safety and health of its employees is an important task incumbent on the company as it seeks efficiency and competitiveness. Employers have an important role to play in applying preventive measures in respect of health and safety, for which they are legally responsible. Many aspects are involved: social (the good physical and mental health of the employees), economic (costs incurred by accidents in the workplace and occupational diseases, all kinds of costs if the legislation is flouted), and civic (legal responsibility and concern for the undertaking's reputation).

Guarding against risks, ensuring the 

occupational safety and health

The field of occupational safety and health represents a legal and social obligation. The nature of the corporate activities, working conditions and exposure to risk (chemicals, working at heights, exposure to noise, etc.) determine what action in respect of safety and health in the workplace the employer will set up. Prevention, information, training, and setting up a safety framework are all compulsory measures.

By law, employers must designate within their companies, regardless of the number of employees and the sector of activity concerned, one or more competent employees to deal with the activities for protection from and the prevention of occupational risks. They are also legally required to have a certain number of first-aiders on their staff, so that first aid can be dispensed pending the arrival of any competent services that may be called in. To be able to deal with all the aspects of their mission, these staff members must receive specific training, as provided for by law...

Our certifying paths make it possible to meet the Grand Duchy's statutory requirements. Combined with our recommendations for training courses for specific professional profiles, they make it possible to structure a professional development plan. To allow more freedom of progression in your development plan, individual training courses may be selected from the recommendations and topics. This will enable you to choose more personalised training courses so that you can further develop certain key skills necessary for your  

professional activity.

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