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Marketing & Communication

Marketing and communication represent both strategic and essential support activities for communication agencies and advertisers across all sectors.  

Marketing aims to understand, anticipate, and satisfy customer needs while creating added value. In connection with the digital boom, digital marketing is increasingly common to solidify online presence and deepen customer engagement. Meanwhile, communication is crucial in managing brand image, requiring the transmission of clear and impactful messages across various channels, especially social media, to establish authentic and engaging relationships with the public.  

In this context, updating skills for marketing and communication professionals is essential to meet the sector's needs. Here is an overview of the skills required for the roles of Marketing and Communication Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Community Manager.

The Marketing and Communication Manager is responsible for analysing, developing, and implementing comprehensive strategies while overseeing the company's reputation and brand awareness management, as well as coordinating teams and projects.  

The Digital Marketing Specialist focuses on developing targeted strategies, collecting and analysing data, and optimizing content to effectively achieve set goals.

Finally, the Community Manager plays a key role in managing online communities, creating engaging content, responding to comments and messages from users, and monitoring the company's online reputation.  

Our training covers a wide range of marketing and communication skills, essential for both agencies and advertisers. With certified pathways and training recommendations tailored to each professional profile, we help you structure your training plan according to your specific needs.

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