The real estate sector has experienced significant growth in the Grand Duchy in recent years. The professional profiles in the sector are grouped in three categories: professionals in real estate production and promotion, professionals in real estate transactions, and professionals in real estate management. All of these professionals must comply with the legal obligations in force, perpetuate their activities, and further develop the services they offer in order to meet the needs of their clients.

The need for training

The real estate sector is regulated and there are conditions governing access to the profession. All estate agents, estate promoters, estate administrators, and property managers practising in the Grand Duchy must hold a business permit as a professional in the real estate sector issued by the Ministry of the Economy in accordance with the Law of 2 September 2011. One of the paths for gaining access to these professions is to obtain a certificate of successful completion of a corresponding training course.

Our certifying path enables you to access real estate professions and structure a professional development plan. To allow more freedom of progression in your development plan, individual training courses may be selected from the topics. This will enable you to choose more personalised training courses so that you can further develop certain key skills necessary for your professional activity.

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