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Blockchain for Banking - Regulatory and Legal Aspects


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Technology has a growing impact on many industries including banking and finance.

New disruptive technologies and digitalisation already impact and transform all kinds of customer and supplier relationships. By creating, disseminating and using information helping to identify and generate added value, they are now changing corporate structures in regards to operations, business models and performance management.

Finance is digital and the Financial Services Industry acknowledges the need for a thorough digital transformation as the only means to thrive in the future. Technological capabilities are essential for a future in an industry that is digital in its very essence, the times of managing physical money and bonds being long gone.

Mastering the development and realisation of innovative financial products and services through digital technology is key. Financial systems thus become more reliable and transparent, and user interactions smoother. In terms of user-friendliness and adding value to said interactions, cybersecurity, authentication, (mobile) payments, robo-advisors, etc all require adequate integration and packaging. 


The course is presented in cooperation with the ABBL Digital Banking and FinTech Innovation Cluster.

  • An overview of the Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) terminology
  • Blockchain-related legal environment in Europe and the World
  • Regulatory framework of Blockchainbased financial services
  • Legal underpinnings of Smart Contracts
  • Legal status of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s)
  • Patent applications, court cases / litigations related to the Blockchain technology
  • Analysis of Blockchain case studies and group assignments
Target Audience

This course is suitable for any financial or non-financial professional willing to understand what is at stake when talking about the regulatory and legal aspects of blockchain technology.


Course Material

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No exam is available for this course.

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