Published on
28 January 2021

La Finance Responsable pour tous

en quatre vidéos

The ABBL, in particular through the Fondation ABBL, has set itself the mission of developing and supporting financial education projects as well as training programs, both for the general public and professionals of the financial sector. 

In this context, the Fondation ABBL, in partnership with the House of Training, has produced a series of videos on the theme of responsible finance. These videos aim to:

  • Raise awareness with the general public of the principles of finance and the concept of sustainable development,

  • Improve understanding of the role of finance in building a world that respects environmental and social issues,

  • Make savers and investor-citizens (that we all are) aware of the different kinds of responsible investment,

  • Invite people to learn about how everyone can act responsibly via their savings and investments.

Check out the four videos:

Video 1 : Responsible finance, the finance of tomorrow 

Video 2 : Understanding responsible finance

Video 3 : The role of the financial sector in sustainable and inclusive finance

Video 4 : Financing a project responsibly

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