MiFID II - Overview of International Financial Markets (EN)

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This training presents the financial markets structure, the key elements thereof along with the activities and the participants. It concludes on an outlook of future trends. More specifically, the content of module 2 provides an overview of:

  • Financial markets, which can be distinguished through the type of instruments traded therein, the currencies used and traded, the geographical specificities, the respective regulatory environment, as well as the type of activities offered as part of a specific financial market
  •  Activities in financial markets (Front/Middle/Back Offices)
  • Active participants in Financial Markets
  • Future trends


This module is part of the MiFID II Certification. For more details about this Certification, please click here.

Target Audience

The persons concerned by the Training Programme are all persons placed under the authority of a professional (or acting on his behalf) subject to prudential supervision by the CSSF, i.e. individuals providing investment advice (“Advisory profile”) or information (“Information profile”) on financial instruments, investment services or ancillary services to clients.


Experienced professional specialists selected on the basis of their in-depth knowledge of markets and financial products under MiFID rules I and II, and ESMA criteria.






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mar. 27.11.2018 à 08h30

icon 8H

MiFID II: Overview of IFM

  • icon Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
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lun. 10.12.2018 à 08h30

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MiFID II: Overview of IFM

  • icon Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

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