formation icon Management Controller

Skills blocks Training courses Duration Reference

Master the accounting and financial tools necessary for management controlling

32 h 14 h 14 h CP019CJ CP047CJ CP030CJ

Master management control analysis tools

14 h 14 h 14 h 4 h 12 h CP012CJ CP024CJ IF019CJ IF018CJ IF005CJ

Master the legal and regulatory framework

4 h 16 h 3 h 3 h 3 h 4 h 7 h 7 h DT004CJ DT013CJ DT009CJ DT010CJ DT011CJ DT001CJ DT016CJ FS001CJ

Implement management control in a business

4 h 12 h 14 h 4 h 7 h 8 h 8 h CP033CJ CP034CJ EG019CJ CP036CJ CP014CJ CP038CJ CP039CJ

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