Cette formation est proposée sous forme de formation présentielle.

How to Increase Your Performance Through an Effective Work Organisation

Développement Personnel



After the training the participant shall be able to:

  • have methods/techniques and behaviour that are part of a professional and efficient work organization and time management

  • know the attitudes and kind of thinking that hinder an effective work organization and has reflected  about how to change them in order to organise and structure his/her daily tasks in the best possible way

  • select those who best contribute to the optimization of his or her personal organization and thus to increased performance and efficiency.

Efficient work organization and time planning 
  • Introductory remarks 
    • Awareness of our function/mission as a basic criterion for good planning 
    • Creation of a personal profile in relation to work organization
  • Daily planning
    • Analysis and planning of tasks
    • Set priorities 
    • Set deadlines
  • Planning methods and tools: criteria and application 
Organization in the daily work routine 
  • The brakes in day-to-day life: time thieves and how to deal with them 
    • Effectiveness in thinking: solution focus before problem orientation
    • Concentration on what is important 
    • Effectiveness in Phone Conversations  
    • Say "no" respectfully
    • Different types of humans: Finding the best possible organization?
Effective and efficient organization and structuring of work
    • Management of daily information
    • Reduction of complexity
    • Choice of working tools 
    • Structuring the personal archiving system
Self Management
  • Self-discipline and endurance
  • Breaks, vacations and holidays 
    • Recognize intense moments and situations of stress
    • Take breaks and regularly restore concentration
    • Reduce stress by planning "no stress days" to restore a healthy work-life balance
Target audience

All employees who want to optimize their own work organization, increase their efficiency and effectiveness and thus reduce their stress level.


Course Material

Please note that for environmental reasons no paper version of the training material will be provided for your training. The course material can be downloaded free of charge via your portal before the start of the course (download the Client Portal User’s Guide here). You will be able to view it on the screen of your mobile device or print it if necessary. If your registration has been made by a training manager of your company please contact him/her so that he/she can give you access to it or send it to you.


No exam is available for this training course.


At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of attendance delivered by the House of Training.

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
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  • Tue 21.01.2025

    08:30 à 16:30


    How to increase your performance through an effective work organization

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

  • Tue 28.01.2025

    08:30 à 16:30


    How to increase your performance through an effective work organization

    Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg