REIF Advanced -Tax Compliance in Real Estate Investment Products

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Cours du jour
1 h 30 mins
45,00 EUR


After completing this course, the learner will be able to understand the Luxembourg and international tax system as it applies to Real Estate investment products, both for Luxembourg and foreign real estate. The learner will gain familiarity with contraints affecting structuring and the filing requirements for the most common taxes, including VAT. The learner will apply this knowledge through a detailed case study.


  • PART 1 – Base Concepts

    • Introduction

    • Luxembourg Tax Environment

    • Holding of Foreign Real Estate assets

    • Holding of Luxembourg Real Estate assets

    • Tax structuring – constraints

    • Tax Compliance Considerations

    • Other Taxes

    • VAT Implications

  • PART 2 – Applied Concepts - Case Study

Target Audience

This is a specialist course for people working with and wishing to develop their understanding of tax compliance issues for Real Estate Investment Products, including Financial Controllers, Accountants, Auditors, Administrators, Tax Advisors, Management Company staff etc.


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